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Monday 18 December 2017


Posted at 10:56 AM

Some Verbal Rewards:

  1. I like it when you…
  2. That's a beautiful… (whatever he makes)
  3. Good boy for ...(picking up the blocks, doing what I asked).
  4. Hey, you're really sharp, you…
  5. That's great, it really looks like…
  6. Wow! Look at that (whatever he's doing).
  7. That's really good, I wish I could do that. 
  8. You're doing just what I want you to do.
  9. My! You're minding me so well.
  10. See what you did! My! That (road, tower) was so nice.
  11. You do a good job at…
  12. That's (pointing) very nice (or good).
  13. You're such a big boy for…
  14. I am very proud of you for…
  15. See what nice things you do.
  16. Those (pictures, towers) are really interesting.
  17. I like playing (catch)…with you.
  18. This… is such fun.
  19. Boy, you really know how to (put things away)!
  20. Thank you for (bringing me that).
  21. One word "quickies ":
  1. Beautiful
  2. Fine
  3. Great
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Tremendous
  6. Good
  7. Good girl (boy)

Some Physical Ways to Reward:

  1. Pat arm, shoulder
  2. Hug
  3. Rub head
  4. Squeeze arm or waist
  5. Dance around
  6. Give a kiss
  7. Facial expression of delight (smiling)
  8. Clap hands (young child)