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Tuesday 16 June 2020


Posted at 2:07 PM

HEY EVERYBODY!          

Have you checked out Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube? Jelle’s Marble Runs are actual marble races set on way cool race courses. It’s great and exciting!

The staff of the Achieve Center is hooked on the races and thought it would be neat to sponsor our own marble races; THE GREAT ACHIEVE CENTER MARBLE DERBY! We are forming teams to build race tracks for marbles and be posting videos of the races on the Achieve Center YouTube channel during the month of June.

The one and only MARBLE MAN will be posting videos of the ADVENTURES OF MARBLE MAN with race updates and interesting scientific facts about racing marbles!

Would you like to join the fun? You can and here’s how:

  1. Form a racing group with your family and give your Race Group a name
  2. Design a race track
  3. Build the track only using materials from around your house
  4. Organize the marbles you are going to use into racing teams and give each team a name
  5. Identify a person who will be the race announcer and commentator and someone who will video tape the race
  6. Start the race! You can hold as many races as you would like
  7. E-mail by attachment the best video’s of the races for posting on the Achieve Center YouTube Channel through the Achieve Center website “Contact” located on the far right side on Tool Bar. Include the Race Group name under which your marble races will be listed.
  8. Follow the Race Rules


To make sure every marble team has a chance to win, we’ve established some rules to make it fair and fun:

  • All marbles entered in a race must be of the same size and weight
  • All marble teams must start at the same time and from the same location
  • A race track can be any design and does not have to be of any particular length or shape
  • A race track must be constructed out of materials you have already at your home. Be creative and use stuff like empty paper towel rolls, card board, plastic, and whatever else you find around the house your parents give permission for you to use
  • Choose the best race videos to have posted
  • Marble races will be posted under the race group name only. No legal name of a person or family will be used under any circumstances
  • Race videos must be appropriate for all people to watch. No inappropriate words, gestures, or pictures can be heard or seen in the video. Only video’s earning a “G” rating will be posted
  • No videos, in which people, their images, or other identifying information can be seen or heard in the recording, will be posted. The videos are of the marble races only.
  • The Achieve Center retains the right to accept or decline all race video’s for posting based upon the content of the video
  • New race videos will be posted June 1, 2020 –June 30, 2020 after which time they will continue to be available for viewing
  • All marble teams deserve to be cheered. It’s okay to have a favorite but good sportsmanship is important for everyone to have a great time!