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Tuesday 19 May 2020
Posted by:  9:54 AM CST

Over the past three weeks, we have laid the groundwork for understanding how important early experience is relative to a child's cognitive development. We have stressed the importance of opportunity and ability as foundational for a child to begin and sustain the process of making sense of the world. With (more)

 8:48 AM CST

Here at, our goal is to help individuals realize that they have both the power and responsibility to take control of their health and well being. We have created what we hope is an approachable and informative guide on COVID19 testing that we hope would be helpful to your (more)

 8:43 AM CST

UWSP’s Regional Continuing Education & Outreach team is offering a variety of virtual summer camps for youth this summer. The programs range in ages served, from entering Kindergarten to 14, with a variety of program topics. There are programs for fitness at home, world languages, science, art, STEM, and more. (more)

Tuesday 12 May 2020
Posted by:  11:17 AM CST

Week 3 Based on our discussion over the previous two weeks, it is instructive to recall that there are two things that are essential for a child to begin the process of making sense of the world. Certainly, one of these relates to the child's ability to do so. As we (more)

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Posted by:  2:12 PM CST

Last week, if you recall, we began this discussion by emphasizing the unbelievable process whereby children enter the world and immediately begin making sense of it. I made the point that children learn more in the first five years of their lives than they do for the rest of (more)

Tuesday 28 April 2020
Posted by:  10:15 AM CST

Week 1 I think you would agree that there are few things more wondrous than observing a newborn child enter the world and soon thereafter begin the process of making sense of it. The simple reality is that our children learn more during the first five years of life than (more)

 1:48 PM CST

Are meal times a source of tension and struggle for your family? Do you have a child who refuses to eat a variety of foods or eats a limited range of foods? Perhaps they struggle to chew or swallow certain textures? Your child may be a picky eater or a (more)

Thursday 5 March 2020
 11:14 AM CST

Attention As a reminder!!!! If your child has a cough, sinus infection or fever, please reschedule their appointment You may call the Achieve Center at 715-845-4900 to reschedule.

 3:03 PM CST

Movement for Depression Prevention in Teens According to a recent study published in the February 11, 2020 issue of Lancet Psychiatry, declining physical activity starting at age 12 is associated with depressive symptoms at age 18, new research shows. In the first study to objectively measure physical activity in teens, investigators found (more)