Achieve Center, Inc. in Wausau, WI

Neuropsychological, developmental and learning services for children, adults, and their families

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Professional Staff Specialized Services

Services are provided by a team of licensed professionals composed of a neuropsychologist/rehabilitation psychologist, developmental behavioral pediatrician, clinical social worker, marriage and family therapists and a certified applied behavioral analyst.

For an individual needing assessment, a comprehensive evaluation includes testing tailored to the person, feedback sessions, and written recommendations as part of a plan for treatment. Treatment is strength based and reflects the outcome of the assessment and the individualized plan developed in collaboration with the client and the client’s family. Individual therapy is offered along with family therapy, group therapy and workshops to improve social skills and emotional management and to assist parents in learning strategies to help their child. Services are coordinated with school, child care, physicians, and other providers.

To schedule an appointment, telephone the Achieve Center and the staff will be happy to assist you. (715) 845-4900 The Achieve Center accepts most private and public health insurance including Badgercare, Medicare and Tricare. A discounted fee schedule and payment plans are offered for those needing financial assistance.

Our vision is to maximize the potential of individuals to achieve fulfillment in personal and relationship goals. We provide a team of specialists who can assess and treat the roadblocks that hinder growth and development.

Caring for the special needs of your whole family.

Contact us today at 715 845-4900, our staff will be happy to assist you!