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Get help in our SPACe Clinic

The Special Pediatric Assessment Clinic (SPACe) is a collaborative multi-disciplinary assessment program. The assessment encompasses the child’s abilities related to: speech and language, swallowing and eating, fine and gross motor skills, core stability, coordination, attention and concentration, memory, tracking, cognitive functioning and learning, impulse control, sensory functioning, body proportion, height/weight, physical anomalies, over all physical health, growth and development, social skills and interaction, organizational skills, play skills, and independent functioning.

SPACe is conducted by a special team composed of a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, neuropsychologist, and clinical social worker. This team works together through the entire assessment process observing each others assessment of the child and collaborating on the final diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

A coordinated report with specific recommendations for the child’s care is provided as is a feedback session to review the assessment results and the recommendations made by the assessing specialists. Consultation regarding the assessment outcomes and recommendations is provided to the primary care physician and other health care providers involved with the child.

SPACe is available to children ages 2-8 years who have been recommended and referred by their primary care physician or physician specialist.

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