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Wednesday 13 March 2019

LENA Talking Tips Week 2

Posted at 4:15 PM

Weekly LENA Talking Tip

Week 2

This week’s talking tip: Comment on what your child is doing or looking at.

Watch your child’s eyes, face, and body. What are they looking at and showing interest in? By commenting on what your child is looking at, you are interacting while giving verbal meaning to objects and building vocabulary and language skills. For example, you see your child looking at a teddy bear. You could say, “It’s a bear! The bear is brown.” If the child reaches for the bear, you could say, “Oh, you want the bear!” If the child continues to show interest in the bear, try saying something such as, “Here are the bear’s ears…. He has 2 ears...One, two…” You don’t have to do any special activities. Watch your child and talk with her about whatever she is already interested in and doing!