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Thursday 27 August 2015

myTeam Triumph comes to Wausau!
myTeam Triumph in Wausau on August 22, 2015

Posted at 11:00 AM

myTeam Triumph comes to Wausau!


On Saturday, August 22nd myTeam Triumph (mTT) made its first appearance right here in Wausau, WI. The northcentral region for mTT, and members of Achieve Center staff, started planning for the event last year and saw it come to fruition this past weekend. Races all over southern Wisconsin have allowed mTT to participate, but this is the first time mTT was included in a race in central Wisconsin.

myTeam Triumph is a national organization that is most active here in Wisconsin. Its purpose is to bring the community together with the equipment necessary to allow people of diverse abilities to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line. A team is composed of one “captain” of any age or ability, paired with 3-5 “angels” who are able bodied athletes that assist captains to complete an endurance race. There were 13 teams at the race this past weekend, 10 of them competing in the half marathon, 3 in the 5K. Teams consisted of family members, friends, caregivers, as well as new friends/athletes in the community who developed relationships only through myTeam Triumph.

Captains and their families decided on how they would like to experience the crossing of the finish line. Some captains were assisted by their angels to walk the last stretch, others utilized assistive equipment such as gait trainers and tricycles, and still others decided to coast through the finish line in the specialized race chairs pushed by their angels. myTeam Triumph supplies specialized race chairs, and just this weekend the northcentral region members were surprised to discover the fundraising for this race was enough to buy an additional race chair.

If you know of anyone interested in becoming a part of mTT, as an angel, captain, or volunteer, please click on the link to their website here:

heir website here:

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